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The involvement and support of our partners in our humanitarian actions is essential.

Financial sponsorship, skills sponsorship, donations in kind, internal mobilisation, research partnership… these are all ways of getting involved and working together to enable access to electricity and water for the poorest populations.


Fighting inequalities in access to electricity and water worldwide, helping people affected by humanitarian disasters and supporting other NGOs in terms of access to electricity and water are the main axis of Electriciens sans frontières’ intervention.

If you are not an Electriciens sans frontières’ partner yet, today there are many forms of commitment to support our actions and participate in the fight.

There are many ways in which you can contribute:

Skills sponsorship

Encourage your colleagues or employees to make a voluntary contribution to Electriciens sans frontières



Provide financial support for Electriciens sans frontières’ actions


Cooperative business activities

Link your business to the provision of international aid by selling “co-branded products” or offering your customers the chance to donate some or all of their loyalty points to the Association

Salary rounding

Ask your employees and colleagues whether they would be happy to round down their salary to the nearest euro and donate the few cents difference to the Association

Equipment donation

Offer new equipment needed for carrying out projects or storage spaces

Awareness campaign

Suggest joint communication activities to increase awareness of the Association’s reputation and strengthen your supportive image




In accordance with Law No. 2007-147 of 2 February 2007 relating to the external activities of local authorities and their groupings, the latter may, in compliance with France’s international commitments, enter into agreements with foreign local authorities to carry out humanitarian or development aid activities. If the urgency justifies it, local authorities and their groups can also implement or finance humanitarian actions.

Originally, the Oudin-Santini law (2005) allowed only support for actions carried out abroad in the fields of water and sanitation by actors in charge of public drinking water and sanitation. The Pintat amendment (2006) now allows actors in the public electricity and gas distribution service to devote up to 1% of their budget to actions in the field of public electricity and gas distribution abroad.


The partnership between associations often makes it possible to capitalise on the skills of the two players and thus to reinforce the effectiveness of our actions in the field.

The complementarity of all these players, such as local stakeholders, NGOs with expertise in a field, associations, etc. has proven to be an invaluable force. Electriciens sans frontières’ aim is to design and activate numerous partnerships because the efficiency gain has been proven.

There are many ways in which you can contribute:

  • Partnerships on projects
  • Mutual advice and support between humanitarian actors
  • Advice on specific topics


All types of partnerships

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