29 November 2023

Measuring the impact of decentralised electrification projects (1/4). Madagascar’s Cafés Lumière

Nous présentons en quatre articles le projet de mini-réseaux Cafés Lumière à Madagascar, les limites de son évaluation standard réalisée pour des besoins de redevabilité, qui ne permet pas d’apporter de véritables preuves d’impact et différentes voies alternatives pour tester et documenter les impacts socio-économiques du projet.
29 November 2023

Measuring the impact of decentralised electrification projects (2/4). Use of remote sensing: initial results on the impact of Cafés Lumière

In four articles for Entreprenante Afrique, we present Electriciens sans frontières' Cafés Lumière in Madagascar and compare the results of different alternative evaluation methods carried out at affordable cost to test and assess the existence of positive impacts of the project on sustainable development objectives. In this second section, we explore the possibility of testing the presence of impacts using remote sensing data, which is generally inexpensive to mobilise.
29 November 2023

Integrating a carbon approach

Non-governmental organizations are no exception to the need to reduce our carbon footprint. In France, around ten of them have already taken concrete steps in this direction. The example of Electriciens sans frontières.
9 November 2023
Photo: Mahmud HAMS / AFP

Call for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza

On the eve of an international humanitarian conference in Paris for the civilian population of Gaza, 13 humanitarian organisations and Coordination SUD are calling on the French government to make a strong commitment to the protection of civilians and a lasting ceasefire in Gaza.
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