23 February 2022

Being a volunteer with Electriciens sans frontières

With more than 1,200 members, Electriciens sans frontières is one of the few NGOs that relies so heavily on volunteer work.

Do you want to get involved but you don’t exactly know what volunteering with Electriciens sans frontières entails? How long does it take? If your profile is suitable? This article is for you! Find here all the information about volunteering at Electricians Without Borders.

Volunteer commitment, the driving force behind our actions

For more than 35 years, the commitment of our members, partners and employees has guaranteed the quality of our actions around the world and strengthened their continuation.

Volunteer commitment is at the heart of Electriciens sans frontières’ model.


A volunteer with Electriciens sans frontières since 2016, I am convinced that electricity is a great vector for development. It was the Café Lumière project in Madagascar that led me to join the NGO. Indeed, the commercial activity is entrusted to a delegate who is encouraged to ensure the proper functioning of the installation, thus guaranteeing its continuation. I am in charge of the assessment of the socio-economic impacts, to statistically measure the effects of the establishment of a Café Lumière on health, education, economic activity, food, the attractiveness of the locality and of course the electrification of the uses. For this purpose, 600 households have already been surveyed in 12 localities, half of which will host Cafés Lumière. Once they are operational, the same households will be surveyed again, in order to compare the evolution of the 6 localities equipped with a Café Lumière with the 6 that do not have one yet. "

Charlotte, volunteer with the Île-de-France - Hauts-de-France delegation of Electriciens sans frontières


I have been a member of Electricians sans frontières since 2018. My first contribution was to spread the word about Electricians sans frontières’ actions around me as well as at trade fairs. I then joined the project team of volunteers working on the development a professional sector of electricians in Diofior, Senegal. At the beginning I observed a lot, listened and asked questions. A novice eye is always useful! Then I did research on solar pumping techniques and equipment in Africa and participated in communication plan in the media and with partners. I thereby actively participated to the preparation of the mission that was to take place in March 2020. I should have gone there, but the pandemic forced us to cancel the trip while maintaining the mission. The support was therefore done remotely, which was unprecedented in the delegation."

Céline, volunteer with the Limousin - Auvergne - Poitou-Charentes delegation of Electriciens sans frontières


Since 2011, I have been Regional Delegate and I have different roles within the delegation: ensure the administrative management, animation, be the referent of the association to the members, represent it to the regional partners, to the regional multi-actors network, ensure the horizontal activities entrusted by the headquarters… All this leaves little room for a Regional Delegate to participate in projects, but in October 2020, the NGO launched its “Covid-19 Plan” to address the sanitary situation in the countries where we intervene. The Aquitaine delegation offered to support three projects in Burkina Faso and I joined the teams of two of these projects."

Vincent, volunteer with the Aquitaine delegation of Electriciens sans frontières

Why get involved as a volunteer?

Because we need you, but not only! Being a volunteer means giving a little of your time to help others. And without even realizing it, you have a lot to gain!

  • Being useful by committing in international solidarity projects carried out for the most needy populations
  • A feeling of belonging to a community: you take part in the community life of the NGO
  • Great encounters within a cohesive team, with whom you will enjoy spending time and sharing. The best way to build strong relationships!
  • The recognition and valuation of your skills and new qualifications to acquire and develop through the different experiences you will have within Electriciens sans frontières
  • Stimulating projects: within a team, you will have a significant role and work on the implementation of a project.

Getting involved with Electricians sans frontières: which mission is right for you?

Helping out can be done in many ways: each person can find a formula that suits its availability, interests, skills, activity and desires.

Electriciens sans frontières combines a strong identity with a unique territorial presence and a wide variety of actions, all of which are rooted in the values of humanity and solidarity.

Volunteering opens the door to dozens of missions, some unsuspected and all rewarding: setting up partnerships, writing specifications, administrative, financial or logistical management, carrying out socio-economic studies, monitoring projects, emergency actions… So whether you want to develop your skills or live new experiences, find THE mission that suits you!

Moreover, within Electriciens sans frontières we obviously need electricians, water specialists… BUT not only! We need people who are able to manage a project, to lead a team with a wide range of skills and profiles, to understand the logistical challenges of humanitarian projects or to manage the financial aspects of projects and of the association (cash position).

We therefore need a wide range of profiles!  So don’t ask yourself this question: “I want to get involved, but I am no electrician or engineer… Will my skills be useful? Get involved !

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