15 September 2020

Emergency in Lebanon: update on our actions

After the catastrophic double explosion last 4th August in the port area of Beirut in Lebanon, Electriciens sans frontières is mobilised to respond to the urgent electrical needs.

Access to electricity is vital in emergency and post emergency situations

Blown homes, devastated hospitals, weakened health system… Inhabitants and NGOs must be well organised on the spot because some of the areas devastated by the explosion only have 3 hours of electricity per day.

➜ More than 4 tonnes of electrical equipment will be used to secure electrical installations in homes that are being rehabilitated.

Electriciens sans frontières works in cooperation with local actors, in particular the Lebanese Red Cross, the Lebanese Secours Populaire and Beit el Baraka. This collaboration is essential for the identification of priority needs within households but also for health centres, hospitals and for other NGOs.

A team of Electriciens sans frontières on site

The team arrived Beirut on September 7th, but it was not able to intervene immediately. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic sanitary conditions, the team members remained confined for 2 days.

Today, a first distribution of individual solar lamps has been made to people that are on their own and in precarious situations. These lamps meet multiple needs: home lighting, travelling in the evening and at night, and even communication because they offer the possibility of charging a mobile phone.

➜ A total of 500 lamps will be distributed on site also both for people in need and nursing staff.

➜ The mission is immense: we are also working on providing photovoltaic power to around ten educational and training establishments with the support of ADEME and the EDF Group foundation.


The mission continues. We are now working to identify the needs of other NGOs working on the emergency and hospitals. Once again, the response will be an emergency electrical solution. Then, long-term solutions will need to be rethought"
Denis, member of the team present on the ground

There is still time to support our work!


This post-emergency action is being deployed in partnership with CMA-CGM, the crisis and support center of the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Prysmian, Nexans, Legrand, Schneider Electric, SDMO, Groupe EDF Foundation, ADEME, UFE, Gimelec, Enedis, RTE.
In close cooperation with the following associations: French and Libanese Red Cross, Lebanese Secours populaire and Beit el Baraka.

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