22 February 2024

2 years of commitment to Ukraine

2 years after the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the war continues. Russia is stepping up its bombing campaigns based on a strategy aimed at saturating Ukrainian air defenses and targeting energy installations once again. Despite the government’s efforts to reinforce energy security before the winter, complete restoration of all installations proved impossible. We are therefore continuing our commitment to meeting people’s energy needs.


According to a report by the International Energy Agency, more than 50% of electrical infrastructure has been damaged since the start of the war (January 2024). Exchanges with our Ukrainian partners take place on a daily basis, and they regularly inform us of their equipment needs, which we respond to as best we can with the help of our partners in France.

Since March 2022, we have sent over 170 tonnes of equipment to beneficiary structures : around 500 generators, over 13,000 convector/air heaters, 5,000 outdoor floodlights, 100,000 LED bulbs, 8,000 solar lamps and almost 40km of electrical cables. Three missions by Electriciens sans frontières volunteers have connected generators in the country, particularly in Kharkiv.


Our project, to be carried out between 2022 and 2023, was urgently designed and targeted to meet the essential needs of the Ukrainian population. Its implementation has benefited 488 structures and households in 18 regions/oblasts, i.e. almost 1,895,159 beneficiaries. In 2023, our commitment to the civilian population will continue with the commissioning of 50 hybrid photovoltaic installations at schools, health facilities and pumping stations.


  • Assessment of energy requirements ahead of winter 2023-2024

In September 2023, in collaboration with Groupe URD and the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, we assessed pre-existing energy facilities at sites strategically selected by our partners, while also drawing up a statement of priority energy needs. Read the report

  • Energy supply for reception and healthcare facilities via a hybrid power generation solution / Integrating the climate dimension by decarbonizing our solutions

The installation of hybrid solutions – coupling generators with photovoltaic panels – is planned at some fifty pre-identified sites: hospitals, schools and pumping stations.

Sixteen schools in the Chernihiv, Rivne and Kharkiv oblasts have been fitted with hybrid systems.

Training courses on plant operation and maintenance for Ukrainian technicians and practitioners will be run in the spring by Electriciens sans frontières volunteers.

Partners : All our actions are made possible thanks to the support of the Crisis and Support Center of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and all our partners in France and Ukraine.

PRESS CONTACT: Solène Vergerolle, +, solene.vergerolle@electriciens-sans-frontieres.org

PROJECT CONTACT: Véronique Pingard, +, veronique.pingard@electriciens-sans-frontieres.org

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