Burkina Faso : allow the self-sufficiency of the Saint Robert Bellarmin High School

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High School Saint Robert Bellarmin in Sapaga, Burkina Faso, has no access to electricity. It consists of 3 buildings receiving more than 350 students/pupils and it is under the responsibility of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. Without electricity, accommodation remains precarious, time ranges of effective use remain limited because they depend on climate and light conditions. Moreover, it does not encourage teachers to remain sedentary. For access to water, the high school is equipped with a water tower powered by a costly highly consuming and polluting thermal pump.

our approach

By bringing solar electricity into these 3 high school buildings, Electriciens sans frontières allows the school to be equipped with refrigerators, printers and computers. Moreover, lightning allows not to be dependant on climatic conditions (sand storms, low light ou night fall) and enables classes and their preparation on a longer time range.


The programme was build stepwise in close dialogue with our partner the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. Responding to electricity needs was the first phase of our project. Then came the water supply."
Guy, volunteer in charge of the project

Access to water currently ensured by a pump powered a thermal engine reveals inadequate. Indeed, the overpower of the engine accelerates the pump wear. Electriciens sans frontières therefore wished to rehabilitate the pump by experimenting the solar engine of the SAUREA startup company.

Innovative, autonomous and sustainable, this engine will be tested in real conditions on this pilot project. In the frame of this rehabilitation, a vegetable garden will be created for better food self-sufficiency of the high school and also for educational purposes with the integration of gardening practices into the school programme.

our impact

Education is a necessary lever to fight against gender inequalities, to favor economic development or improve healthcare of populations. Education Education has been one of the action guidelines of Electriciens sans frontières since its creation. Electrifying schools contribute to the improvement of educational conditions and helps getting out of poverty.
Electrifying the high school directly contributes to food security and to the improvement of learning conditions for both students and teaching staff.
Moreover, by working closely with SAUREA and local players, Electriciens sans frontières contributes to the development of reasoned/sensible and sustainable solutions.

our supporters

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