Mandaue: electrifying and safeguarding the red cross logistics base

Type of project

Regional office



Electriciens sans frontières was asked by the Red Cross to analyse the supply and consumption of electricity from its first-aid storage centre in Mandaue. The need is, on the one hand, to reduce the amount being paid to the site’s local public electricity supplier and, on the other, to safeguard the servicing of its electricity supply.


After a diagnosis carried out on site, several avenues for saving energy were identified. Some equipment, such as air conditioners are being replaced to reduce the site’s consumption. In addition, Electriciens sans frontières is, with the support of local staff, installing a solar power plant. Volunteers are installing photovoltaic panels and technical rooms as well as the wiring.


This project enables the Red Cross to save energy and to improve the operation of its storage centre, which ultimately contributes to improving its emergency response capacity.

The work carried out by volunteers from Electriciens sans frontières with the support of local staff enables them to be trained so that they can take charge of monitoring and maintaining the installations that have been created.


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