Phongsaly: Electrification of isolated villages

Type of project

Regional office



This project responds to a request from villagers and authorities in the Phongsaly district. It consists in sharing and implementing, together with the inhabitants of 10 villages, several solutions for access to electricity. The needs cover areas such as health, education, social life and the development of economic activities.


The first stage of the project enabled the electrification of a health centre, five schools, a secondary school and domestic access to electricity for 130 families thanks to hydroelectric or photovoltaic production systems using local energy resources The second stage is to install two multifunctional platforms that will provide families with access to electricity to increase their income by implementing paid energy services.


This project giving access to electricity aims to define and choose the most suitable solution for each type of isolated village. This model aims to respond to the population’s societal aspirations while taking into account inequalities. The amount of the fee for access to electricity was thus set according to the families’ incomes.

Each village has around 100 inhabitants, all of whom will benefit from the project and will have better living conditions, education and learning, as well as access to healthcare. Individual initiatives will be promoted thanks to multifunctional platforms.

Training in the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities is provided in several stages in order to assess the skills acquired during the missions and to provide additional help.


This project was supported by Elettrici senza frontiere and Elektriker ohne Grenzen, member associations of our Electriciens sans frontières’ international network.


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