22 February 2024

2 years of commitment to Ukraine

2 years after the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the war continues. Russia is stepping up its bombing campaigns based on a strategy aimed at saturating Ukrainian air defenses and targeting energy installations once again. Despite the government's efforts to reinforce energy security before the winter, complete restoration of all installations proved impossible. We are therefore continuing our commitment to meeting people's energy needs.
16 February 2024

News from our emergency projects

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, Electriciens sans frontières has been mobilizing to support the population in their need for access to energy. Equipment shipments and connection and training missions have been carried out.
5 February 2024

Measuring the impact of decentralized electrification projects (4/4). Characterization of impacts on access to electricity based on household data

In four articles, we present the Cafés Lumière mini-grid project in Madagascar, the limitations of its standard evaluation carried out for accountability purposes, which does not provide any real evidence of impact, and various alternative ways of testing and documenting the project's socio-economic impacts.
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