22 April 2022


On February 24, 2022, Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine. By April 1, 2022, more than 4 million civilians had already left Ukraine, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency. In Moldova in particular, more than 390,000 refugees were already present on the territory.

In response to this large influx, Moldova declared a state of emergency and said it faced potential security problems and an economic burden, with limited energy capacity to handle the rapidly growing population.

Electricians sans frontières is working with the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to support Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries, such as Moldova.

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Because the protection of human lives is the absolute priority, the mobilization of Electriciens sans frontières will be strong and long lasting.


SLOVAKIA | March 8, 2022: Sending generators.


We have mobilized our partners to support Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries, who are without water and electricity, with a very limited telephone network.

This is why on March 8, 2022, a shipment of equipment was sent to Slovakia, in coordination with the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Red Cross, including:


  • 10 generators of 3kVA.
  • 10 protection boxes.
  • 10 reels of electrical cables.

Our objective: to meet the needs of displaced persons in Slovakia, in particular for recharging means of communication, for the daily and essential needs of access to water and electricity for food and heating.

Sending a team of Electriciens sans frontières on the field in Moldova

MOLDOVA | From March 19 to April 3, 2022: Sending a team of Electriciens sans frontières on the field, in order to transport and install generators in seventeen Moldavian hospitals, and to train local teams in their maintenance.



From March 19 to April 3, 2022, a team of four volunteers (Devi, Matthieu, Alexis and Tristan) was sent to Moldova, in coordination with the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and our partners.

Our action

The action of Electriciens sans frontières is initially focused on seventeen hospitals in several large cities of Moldova where generators have been sent and connected, after consultation with the local authorities.

Our action thus makes it possible to anticipate massive influx of civilians and to respond to the best extent possible to the needs of refugee families who require access to care. At the same time, these actions increase the resilience of the Moldovan hospitals concerned.


Electriciens sans frontières deploys skills and means

During this mission, we:

  • delivered 17 high power generators (60 to 550 kVa) to Moldovan hospitals.
  • trained Moldovan personnel for the maintenance and operation of the generators in each hospital.
  • Carried out the complete installation and connection of 5 generators in several Moldovan hospitals as well as the preparation and realization of about 12 technical studies in order to connect the remaining generators in the next weeks.


Direct and indirect beneficiaries of our action:

  • The health workers of the 17 hospitals;
  • The patients of the 17 hospitals connected to the generators.

To date, we are still in contact with the local teams and the Moldovan authorities to ensure that the generators connected to the hospitals are working properly.

We also stay in touch to follow the progress of the work in some hospitals. A next team from Electriciens sans frontières should be sent in a second step, to finalize the installation of the generators and to ensure the security of the connections in the Moldavian hospitals currently under construction.

Our action will not stop there and the support we receive will be decisive in defining, adapting and enriching the needs associated with the conflict.


Please make a donation so that Electriciens sans frontières can effectively respond to the needs of the refugee population.


  • Electriciens sans frontières’s actions are praised for their professionalism and efficiency :

« Dear colleagues, please receive a personal gratitude of the project manager in the Public Clinical Hospital in Chisinau to the French electricians, who support the installation of the electrical power generators France offered and delivered to Moldova. Once again thank you for your offer and best regards. »
Gregor Volaj, ERCC Duty Officer, European Commission, Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, Emergency Response Coordination Centre – ERCC.

« Dear colleagues, I am working as a project manager at the Public Clinical Hospital “Timofei Mosneaga” from Chisinau. I had to work with the team of 4 electricians from France during the donation of the electrical generators. On behalf of my Hospital and of my country, I want to thank you. We are very grateful for the donation and also for the team of  electricians that are supporting and helping during these days to make sure that the generators will be installed properly. The team is hardworking, enthusiastic and very supportive. Thanks a lot and I hope to cooperate with you in the future. Sincerely. » Tatiana Povar, Project manager at Republican Clinical Hospital Timofei Moșneaga.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, congratulates the action and commitment of Electriciens sans frontières:

In the field of energy, Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, announced “the delivery to Moldova of seventeen high-capacity generators designed to strengthen the electrical resilience of the Moldovan health system. […] Four volunteers from the NGO Electriciens sans frontières are on site to ensure the commissioning of the generators.” Find out more: Full press release

  • Watch here our passage in the Moldavian TV news.


Our operational partners :

  • The Crisis and Support Centre of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs
  • Enedis
  • RTE
  • With the logistic support of the Croix Rouge Insertion.

This post-emergency action is deployed in partnership with the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Enedis, RTE Réseau de Transport d’Electricité, KOHLER, Prysmian Group, GIMELEC, ecosystem, ADEME, Legrand, French Red Cross, Union Française de l’Electricité (UFE), Think Smartgrids, Bohr Energie, NEXANS Foundation, Nexans France, Novéa Énergies, Commune Vallouise-Pelvoux, Alexandre Poussin – Madatrek, Lucile Razet, SERCE – Les entreprises de la transition énergétique et numérique, Metalor Technologies SA, FFIE, QUALIFELEC, MOBELEC, Sonepar France, EPEX SPOT, Syndicat Départemental d’Energie des Côtes d’Armor, SIRMELEC, IZI by EDF, Syndicat Départemental d’Energies et d’Equipement du Finistère (SDEF), GIVE EUR-HOPE, SPIE, Union Technique de l’Electricité, Syndicat départemental d’énergie de Soane et Loire, Association Partage-Amitié-Solidarité


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