7 November 2022

UKRAINE EMERGENCY : all about our actions in the field

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched an invasion of the Ukraine. Since the beginning of the conflict, millions of civilians have left the Ukraine and millions have fled the fighting zones to find shelter in the west of the Ukraine. For the past eight months, Electriciens sans frontières has been mobilized alongside the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, partner companies and Ukrainian civil society organizations, in order to provide support to the Ukrainian population on the ground or as refugees in neighboring countries.

Fighting and bombing remain particularly active in the East and South of the Ukraine, with regular attacks in the West targeting electricity infrastructures in particular.

Today, 17.7 million people are in need in Ukraine, including 3 million children. 6.2 million people are displaced in the country and more than 7.7 million are refugees. (Source: International Organization for Migration – October 2022)


For the past eight months, Electriciens sans Frontières has been mobilized to help the victims of the war by providing various responses:

  • Support to collective centers hosting displaced families: sending solar lamps, 10 generators and electrical equipment to Slovakia;
  • Connection of emergency generators for 17 Moldovan hospitals;
  • Support for mobile surgical units and health care centers in the Ukraine: dispatch of solar lamps, 20 generators and electrical equipment, remote monitoring of operations by Ukrainian technicians;
  • Dispatch of 60 km of electrical cables to Ukrainian electricity distribution companies;
  • 250 generators and more than 10,000 radiators and air heaters are being sent to equip 300 collective centers and help more than 150,000 people through the winter.

Link to the videos of the activities and actions carried out by Electricien sans frontières ⤵️


Russian bombings have targeted electrical and energy infrastructures, and electricity is regularly cut off for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian households, and the heating networks are mostly out of order. With the arrival of winter, it is vital to be able to provide means to cope with cold weather.

In order to meet these needs, Electriciens sans frontières will send several hundred electric generators and nearly 12,000 radiators and unit heaters, which are essential for coping with freezing temperatures.

In collaboration with the Association Іnternationale de Сoopération Médicale (AICM) – Ukraine and the Comité d’Aide Médicale ; the Fortechnyi Foundation ; Nadiia Ukraini (an association for the reception of Ukrainian displaced persons and refugees) ; the Ukrainian Embassy in France and the regional authorities in the Ukraine: more than 150,000 people will benefit from these actions.


Already, at the beginning of October, a first shipment of 890 convectors in partnership with the Nadiia Ukraini association, was sent to the east of Kiev and other shipments are scheduled with the Comité d’Aide Médicale et AICM.


Because the protection of human lives is the absolute priority, the mobilization of Electriciens sans frontières will be strong and long lasting.

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