Emergency in Indonesia: helping those displaced by the tsunami

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The violent earthquake and tsunami that struck Indonesia on 28th September 2018 left more than 2,000 dead, as well as thousands of people injured and missing.

As a result of this disaster, more than 220,000 people were displaced and 68,000 homes were destroyed. The government has built temporary housing and erected tents for the displaced, as well as constructing a sanitation and water infrastructure as the country moves into the rainy season.

Faced with the energy needs expressed by the Indonesian government, and thanks to the support of the French Crisis and Support Centre of the Ministry of Europe and the French Embassy in Indonesia, the local authorities accepted the intervention of our volunteers on site.


In December 2017, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Electriciens sans frontières entered into a partnership for the management of humanitarian emergencies with 10 players in the electricity sector, companies and business foundations.



This is the first time that the process has been activated since the signing of this partnership agreement. We were able to mobilize these partners to collect and deploy equipment to act in emergency in Indonesia. This collaboration is decisive and strengthens our on-site intervention capacities."
Hervé Gouyet, Electriciens sans frontières' President

A team of two Electriciens sans frontières volunteers was therefore dispatched to cover energy needs. The operation was carried out in collaboration with French civil security, Indonesian firefighters, local authorities and NGOs.


The aircraft chartered in early October by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs made it possible to transport 17 generators and 1 tonne of electrical equipment to Palu, together with French civil security equipment Thanks to this mobilization and this swift reaction, our team was able to act on site very quickly.

The mission was carried out in several stages:

– Assessing needs

– Installing outdoor lighting and phone chargers

– Commissioning generator sets

A total of 5 IDP camps housing more than 2,000 people around the city of Palu have been equipped.

Installing outdoor lighting in the disaster areas ensures increased safety and restores the conditions necessary for social life at the end of the day and at night. Kits have also made it possible to recharge small electrical devices, such as telephones, in order to restore communications, which are vital during times of crisis. In addition to the installations in the refugee camps, our volunteers handed over generators to local workers (firefighters, NGOs, etc.).


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