Fighting climate change

50 %

Global carbon dioxide emissions have increased by almost 50% since 1990

60 %

Energy accounts for around 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions

5 %

When the temperature increases by 1 °C, the production of cereals decreases by about 5%

The challenges

Climate change now affects every country on every continent. It disrupts national economies and affects lives; people, communities and countries are bearing a heavy cost today and will do so even more in the future. Weather conditions are changing, sea levels are rising, weather is becoming more extreme and greenhouse gas emissions are now at their highest level in history. Without action, the average temperature on the surface of the planet is likely to exceed three degrees centigrade this century. The poorest and most vulnerable are the most affected.

The solutions

1Deploying renewable energies to mitigate climate change

By promoting renewable energies we reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the share of fossil fuels responsible for climate change. Thus, 97 % of Electriciens sans frontières’ development projects use such resources, be they solar or hydraulic. In addition, our projects act as demonstrators, and lead to the development of renewable technologies in other activities, not just on our own projects.

2Promote adapting to climate change

Improving the resilience of electrical systems will help the poorest populations to cope with the effects of extreme weather disasters which, unfortunately, are likely to recur. One example is the implementation of solar installations resistant to strong winds and which can be sheltered in the event of a cyclone. Similarly, to deal with water stresses we install solar pumps, enabling water to be extracted from greater depths.

3Respond to emergency situations in the event of a humanitarian crisis, particularly natural disasters

On each occasion, Electriciens sans frontières acted swiftly to restore access to electricity, to bring light and to secure buildings, alongside other international cooperative organisations. And each time we have carried out reconstruction projects to enable the affected areas to strengthen their resilience.

Lebanon: beyond the emergency
Projet SISAM : Solution d’Irrigation Solaire Améliorée
Light for Rohingyas in cox’s bazar refugee camp
Emergency in Indonesia: helping those displaced by the tsunami
Dominica: from emergency to resiliency
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